Into the Rupt Sector, 9/5/1918

While Sam Avery was still recovering from his gas injuries in the hospital, the 103rd Infantry Regiment had moved back to the front, traveling to Bar-le-Duc by train where it assembled with the rest of the 26th Division in preparation for the St. Mihiel Offensive.

Units remained under the cover of trees during the day to conceal their positions from aerial observation, and movements northward to Rupt-en-Woevre were made by forced night march led by the 52nd Brigade. The 103rd took over its assigned section of the front line by September 5 with Regimental HQ established at P.C. Neuilly in the ravine south of Amblonville Forest. The weather collaborated in concealing the troop movements into the Rupt Sector with heavy cloud cover and torrential downpours of rain…

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