Somewhere in the Troyon Sector, 10/4/1918

Dear Folks,


I have just arrived at the company, and was very much disappointed to learn that all my mail has been sent to the hospital which I left about a week ago. I have not received as much as a postal card from anyone since the later part of July and now Ive got to wait until the mail that has been sent me goes all the way back to the hospital and then return to the company. But then Ill get it some time and will sure have plenty of reading matter I bet.


It has been two months and more since I left the outfit and it does seem good to get back to the boys and to a place (no matter how humble) you can call your home. I know I havent been writing very often but there was really nothing to say or write about. You see I keep sending my mail to Mrs. Holland for I do not know the new address yet. As soon as I get word from you, you will get mail direct.


By the way, Im feeling O.K. now, and hope this finds everybody the same. Tell them the reason Ive not been writing and that I hope to get started again soon. Ive stil got the watch and chain which is going some.


Things are getting very damp of late and I guess the sight of the sun is going to be a rare sight from now on. Well my regards to all and now I am going to look for some mail.



Samuel E. Avery, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf. Am. Ex. Forces.



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