Somewhere near Fromereville, 10/7/1918

Dear Em.


Last night while down in this deep dug out, and when I was just getting set for a little pound one of the boys that had gone back to Regimental returned and said he had two letters for me. He started hunting for them in his pockets and every second it took him to find them just added to my disappointment in that he was kidding. But no. Finally he drew forth the two letters and sure enough they were for me. You can realize how much I appreciated them when I say that it was the first bit of news Id received since about the middle of July. I think I can honestly say that it was the first time that my sleep was interupted and I could thank the one that was the cause (and I sure did thank this chap).


Letter From Her by Joseph Chase

Neadless to say, I wasn’t long openning one of them (of coarse I openned the other shortly after finishing the said first one) which was from you dated Sept 10. I supposed as you said, that my being in the hospital would surprise you some what, but then it was the first time I ever was in one you know, so I think I have been very fortunate especially the last year. Your hope, in this letter has been granted for I am back with the bunch again and altho we are in, it seems more like natural.


Things are very quiet at present and the boys are not kicking any over this after the race they just had, and that I didn’t take part in having just returned from the hospital a day or so ago. Yes I did enjoy the rest part of it but I think I enjoyed the baths and changes of cloths better than any thing else.


Talking of Tom’s being gone just a year from the day he got a look at home again reminds me that we will have been in France a year the day after tomorrow Oct 9. I hope we can wind it up before another year has gone by. So Jimmy and Frank are in France. I guess I will have to send my regards to them via U.S. and through you. Also to Harry. Batty is lucky if he can spend the winter down south beleive me. I was glad to hear that Pa enjoyed his vacation and that every one else is O.K. That must be some kitten you speak of. I wonder if it would play around me like that when I was in one of my pleasant moods.


All this talk of what we were going to do with the Hun, has sure turned to action now. Will have to agree with you Em, the boys are doing great work. Cant do too much though nor do it too soon, so keep rooting for the boys in France. Don’t forget, we have some boys in Russia and Italy too. In looking over this letter it looks as though I did pretty well considering the position Im writing in and the light we’ve got to use. It is raining now which of coarse means mud and chills, but then we are used to that.


Well Em I was very glad to hear from you and in hopes that mail will be received oftener. How is Henry and Leonard? Glad to hear that every one else is all right and wish to be remembered to them. Having nothing more to say naturally Ill close



Samuel E. Avery #69762, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf. Am. Ex. Forces.


P.S. An order just issued requires the soldier’s number to be added to his address. My number being 69762 the envelope should read Samuel E. Avery #69762 Hdq. Co. 103rd Inf. Am. Ex. Forces.


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