Somewhere in the Neptune Sector, 10/18/1918

Dear Em


Taking every opportunity I can get to write to you, here is another right on the heels of one I wrote only a day or so ago. I received a letter this morning dated Sept 22 and it spoke of the change of weather from rain to sunshine. It struck me funny, for today was the first day of sunshine we’ve had for some time, and beleive me it sure did look good. It gave us a chance to dry up a little and we all feel better tonight.


It was news to me to learn that Lena has had such a cold and Im glad to know she is over it. Tonight finds me and eight more of us in a dug out that one of the boys happened to find and although we are not in the lines, a fellow likes to get out of the way of those big long range ones that come over once in a while and that are liable to drop anywhere (if not handier). Besides these dug outs are warmer and drier than out on the ground, and we can light a candle (if we have the candle) that the Boshe airoplanes can not see, which would be a good excuse for him to drop a few iron foundries. OH we try to get into the ground when it is possible. Empey wrote (over the top). There ought to be a new story out with some such title as (digging in).


Not having seen a paper for at least four days now we know little of events. We do know that it is livily enough here, and it might get more so any minute. We are getting plenty to eat which more than ofsets the lodging and weather conditions. We had doughnuts for supper, and they were good too. I don’t suppose I should go into family affairs, but there is a fellow here who is looking for those things we didnt bring with us from the States. The meanest animal that crawls. Im scratching in two places myself. On this paper and, /.


So you are not dancing much latly. Well it will soon be cool enough to enjoy this past time I guess. What do you think of the paper. It was some one of the boys here had. Well Em when I put this in an envelope we will strike up a song, blow out the candles, listen to the exchange of iron back and forth which will finally coo us to sleep.


So good night Em and the rest, hoping this finds you all well



Samuel E. Avery #69762, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf. Am. Ex. Forces.


P.S. Keep away from that new Spanish rage won’t you? I haven’t seen any of it here yet.



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