Somewhere in Verdun, 10/29/1918

Dear Em.


I have answered all your letters that have been received to date but having a few spare minutes I thought I could spend them in no better way than to scratch off a few lines to you which will let you know that Im still alive, well and kicking.


I am pretty comfortable right now for although the outfit is still at the front I am back aways for military reasons. We are still on the sector from which I last wrote and as there is talk around that we are soon to be releaved we may leave here any time and take up front line positions some where else.


Ran into some of the old bunch the other day and it seemed like old times while our conversation lasted. I learned quite a lot about where and how most of the old company is now and beleive me it was interesting. Of coarse it is too bad about some but on the whole I think the boys are pretty well accounted for. Perhaps you get news now and then about some of the bunch and if you get any please shoot it along, for it will be appreciated.


There may be a lot of peace talk going around but take it from me we are not getting or giving any (far from giving) I tell you. Outside of what Ive said everything is the same. There should be mail along any day now and Im looking forward to some news from you.


I hope this finds every one as well as your last letter did and stay clear of that Spanish stuff. I will close regards to all



Samuel E. Avery #69762, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf. Am. Ex. Forces.


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