Chauffort, France 11/24/1918

Dear Em,


Just as I sat down to write this, your letter of Nov. 5 was handed to me in which was inclosed the Last Will and Testement of Gott, and I must say its pretty good and shows that you folks knew this thing was going to end long before we did. I havent written since Nov. 12, in which letter I spoke of the end and how we felt towards it. Must say that we have been very buisy ever since having completed a hike lasting ten days and covering a distance of about 150 miles.


About a month before the end we were put on the Verdun Front where there was plenty doing until the last second beleive me. Our unit started an attack two or three days before the 11th and were driving at the eleventh minute, (then Peace). We held the lines for two days and were releaved by a new division. Then the hike started. We were a days hike beyond Verdun and now we are ten days hike this side of it. Some walk.


Im feeling fine as are the rest of the boys and we are all wondering now when they will send us home. We are in a small town outside of Langres, but only expect to stay here long enough to get cleaned up, some new cloths and kind of reorganized. Then I hope it is home for us. Expect to spend Thanksgiving here in this little town and take it from me we have got a lot to be thankful for. My hopes are high for a Christmas Dinner at home this year and say, won’t that be great? As soon as I get a bath, and change of cloths Ill be joly and I hope its not far off.


Well Em, trusting this finds you all well and hoping to see you Christmas Ill close remaining



S. E. Avery #69762, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf.



Dear Pa,


This letter will be somewhat of a surprise to you I know, but I guess I have kept Em pretty well posted when ever it was posible and these letters were of coarse as much for you as the rest. The idea of this being received by you on Christmas day has prompted me to scratch you a few lines.


Of coarse you know it is all over. The next thing is Homeward Bound. It sure will be a beautiful, beautiful sound to us all right. I have just finished a few lines to Em, and Im wondering if these two letters will both get there the same time.


After a long hike (we have been on the go for the last ten days) we are now resting in this small French Town. Im feeling O.K. and hope to see you soon in this condition. Id even like to beat this letter home.


Well Pa I knew when I started that I wouldn’t say much but it is something for you on this Daddy’s Day from one that went through this jam without a scratch. Ive been very lucky and will sure remember you folks Thanksgiving Day.


Hoping you enjoy this day I remain your



S. E. Avery #69762, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf.


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[Unfortunately Sam’s letter of Nov. 12th regarding the end of hostilities and how the men felt has been lost to history and never was received at home.]