Sarrey, France 1/14/1919

[Continuation of letter started 1/13/18…]


Jan. 14, 1918


Received a letter from Lil this morning dated Dec 23, and here it is only Jan 14th. Going some for the mail service what? A batch of newspapers just came in that were printed around the time that President Wilson arrived in France, so you can see what news we are at this time posted on. Im feeling great and looking forward to boat sailing time, and then of coarse the docking of said boat.


I see that the 76th is home and got a great reception. Well after what that bunch that has arrived there already has done the poor boys deserve it I suppose. Well Em as I said above I hope to be home very soon after this reaches you, but I will continue to write as long as we are in France.


Hoping that you will continue to write until you know Im on the ship I will close this, the same




Samuel E. Avery #69762, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf.



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