Laigne-en-Belin, France 2/2/1919

Laignes-en-Belin, France


Dear Em.


Well we have taken our first step toward the coast but from the way things look now the next one is a long way off or from four to six weeks away. This town we are now in is in the area for homeward-bound Combat troops and about 375 miles from Sarrey or the town from which I sent my last letter. It has been some time I know since I last wrote due to our late move, but from now on for a while at least Ill be able to write and keep you posted as to my whereabouts and health.


We buried our colonel the day we left Sarrey and it was not only a very impressive but also buisy day. The escort group of which I was one were driven 50 miles in trucks for this ceremony after which we boarded trains in a snow storm. It was a tough trip taking three days and two nights.


It was some long time since I heared from you until your letter of Jan 1 arrived and must say I was glad to get it. Must be more somewhere. Must not forget to say that I never felt better and although we are roughing it of late it is nothing to what we would have to put up with if the war was still on. Its Homeward bound too so we should worry.


It is trying to snow now, and I don’t know if I will ever get fully thawed out. Ill stand it until I get back and don’t forget it. It will be at least two months from this date before we will hit America so please continue writing and take that chance that I may never get your letters. Some of the boy’s folks have stopped writing, thinking they are on their way home. You don’t know how bad they feel. So write, write and continue to write until I tell you to stop which will be time enough.


Love best wishes and kisses to all



Samuel E. Avery #69762, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf. U.S. Army


P.S. Excuse this short letter, for it is cold and so am I.


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