Laigne-en-Belin, France 2/17/1919

Laigne-en-Belin, France


Dear Em.


I received your much welcomed letter of Jan 26th today, and it pleased me to learn that the papers are taking no effect on you as they have on about every ones folks I talk with on this subject. There are fellows here that have not received mail for weeks, so don’t you lay off will you? I will let you know in time so that none will be sent that won’t be received. But even if you do send a few letters that will go astray, I know the chance will be worth it to me.


We have as yet, no idea when we are to go so we might just as well continue to write until I see you. Today was Sunday but it is far from our day of rest. Ive been washing and scrubbing all day on my equipment, self and cloths. It was just like an April day at home. The boys all thought I was very lucky in getting two letters, one of which was from S.B. the other from you. You say that the papers stated that we were to sail the first of this month, and here it is the seventeenth and nothing started yet. It will be a great thing for the boys to be able to stay in Boston two days, but I don’t think it will go through for they may think that this time will be too much for the boys, after being so long away from civilization.


So you’re going to do a little singing now. Good luck to you. Remember me to Zella and ask her for my forgiveness for forgetting to do this before. Yes Em five thirty is pretty early to arise but beleive me I’ll be glad to get up any time at all if I lose the sound of the bugle. The guy who wrote the song “Gee how I hate to get up in the morning” sure knew what he was talking about. Will say that Henry and Leonard are lucky blokes to be getting in on Lena’s grub. A loaf of her home made bread, Ow, la, la. I sent Madge a post card and by this time she must have received it. If I knew Molly’s address I’d send her a line also.


Im feeling great and I hope this will find you all the same. Im sending along the souviners that I spoke of and taking a chance that they will reach you O.K. Well Em this is all Im going to say this time for another will follow right away. Will try to send a picture soon.


Don’t forget to write. Best wishes to all



Samuel E. Avery #69762, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf.


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