Laigne-en-Belin, France 3/9/1919

Laigne-en-Belin, France


Dear Em,


Just a few lines to let you know Im feeling fine and that we expect to leave France some time in the last of this month. Have received no mail from you for six weeks now although we are still in the same place and will no doubt stay here until our departure for home. The fact that I fail to hear from you latly doesn’t surprise me at all for I know what the papers are printing. I don’t expect to get an answer to this for we have been pretty well assured now of the above news. A letter from Lil of Feb 18 states that she had spoken to you over the phone and that every one is O.K. Although you will not be able to verify this by mail I hope this will be the case when I see you soon after this arrives.


Any way the weather is the same here, namly mud and rain. We are making the best of these days and beleive me it’s a job. This is Sunday and Ive already made my “toilet” (I guess we know something yet), scrubbed out a siut of cloths and now Im starting to answer a few letters. Two or three inspections next week will help break up the grind of drilling.


The only thing that’s interesting to us now is, (what does a ship look like and what does the whistle sound like). Outside of this, America, and the folks at home, we are interested in nothing. Well Em Ill say au revoir and not good bye for I expect to see you soon.


Best wishes and regards to all



Samuel E. Avery #69762, Hdq Co. 103rd Inf. A.E.F.


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