Camp Stewart, Virginia 5/4/1918

Co A

May 4th 1918

Dear Sister Madaline:

Left Spartanburg and arrived Newport News last night very much to my delight but sorry to think that I will not see you all before going “Over their”.  We have not received any pay as yet and think we will leave shortly without money thierfore I and going to ask for money through telegram.  That is I am going to telegram now so that when you receive this letter my telegram will have reached you before this letter.  My letter is going to be different than others as I think the censor will inspect all letters, but any way I am going to say what I think even though the censor does camaflodge some words of information.

Dear sister we are going through a hard thing when we leave this country to fight over their for freedom for this generation and the coming and this might be my last good letter that I cam write you but always remember and feel as I do that your only brother is coming back safe and is going away with high spirits.  Please notify all my folks at Astoria and friends that my stay is short and do not expect to see New York again until our point is reached.

Now dear sister when we board the ship their will be no letters going out but I am going to send you a post card with stamp placed in this manner so that you can know we are one day nearer our only delight and that is to fight the Hun no matter what kind of fighting game he puts up.  I think the 27th division will show them up.  Must close now with millions of love and kisses to you all.

Your Brother


PS:  Love to pa and cheer him up.  Tell Bob that I will soon be home safe.  My address is

105 U.S. Inf Co A

Camp Stewart

Newport News Virginia

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