From John, Jamaica N.Y. 5/9/1918

John J. O'Farrell, Joe's brother-in-law

Jeffry Ave, Jamaica, N.Y.

9 May 1918

Dear Joe:

From your latest letter I know that you will soon be on your way to fight the battle of right for humanity and the good old U.S.A. and I wish to God that I was with you, but my home ties and responsibility to my family prevent it, but later on if I am called I will be there to do my duty in the way that every true American should.  But, dear boy, keep the light of faith in your heart at all times and you will be a credit to yourself and family and the country that gave you birth.  Our heart and mind will be with you always and our prayers for your safety and good health will not go unanswered I feel sure.

When the time come to show what stuff your are made of, I am positive that the Bosches will see a genuine sample of American pluck and determination who will never flinch in the face of danger.  Keep before your eyes the figures of the poor defenseless, half starved women and children of war ridden Belgium, who were desecrated so inhumanly by a lot of cowardly beasts, not worthy of the name men.  Think of what that bunch of yellow curs would do to your sisters and their children if they were successful in ever reaching our shores.

Remember your God and your church and receive the sacraments as often as possible, whenever the opportunity affords, for you know that a good Catholic with the love of God in his heart will be guided through danger by the mystic hand of Jesus and his blessed mother Mary.

I am exceedingly busy at the present time, mainly on account of increased movement of troops and can’t get away for any length of time or otherwise I would make the trip to Norfolk to see you before you go over the top, but because we can’t make the trip, Joe, don’t think that we are neglectful of you.  We all appreciate the seriousness of the situation and our every thought is of you, but please keep in mind that if we were to make the trip maybe the parting would be harder to bear and we want our son to go into the conflict with head erect and unmindful of other things.

If there is anything you may want don’t hesitate to ask and we will send it to you.

I will close now, dear brother, with my heartfelt wishes for your safety and good conduct I the face of battle and in the hope that your name will be among those decorated for devotion to duty and patriotic service.  May God bless you always, affectionately,


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