Somewhere in France, 6/2/1918

Somewhere in France

Dear sister Madaline:

We arrived at our rest camp after our long and monotonous trip overseas.  This part of the country is wonderful.  For the short territory that we have covered we could see nothing but stone houses with a large farm fully cultivated.  The people here cannot speak very much english.  The children can only say Give me a cigarette for pa pa.  Hundreds of them are seen on the street asking for smokes as the American troops go bye.  It looks so funny to see young boys averaging from ten years up in long trousers smoking cigarettes.

This poor country certainly is suffering and are feeling the effects of the war.  The days here are long and the nights are very short.  It never gets dark until 10:30 PM day break is about three AM so you see this makes a soldiers working day longer.  Now dear sister about the women.  Why I say that theirs nothing like the american girl and I know many of the boys will agree with me on that.  But now about the wine + beer.  Ah but that’s the stuff that makes this country famous.

As yet I have not had the opportunity of indulging in either wine or beer but expect to as soon as our quarantine is lifted.  Although you can bet that I will not drink to access because after getting into such a good condition I do not believe in ruining in what will soon assist me in going over the top and that is my health strength and condition.  I am feeling fine and in the best condition.  Best of love to pa and tell him that I promise to write you every day.

Must close now dear sister with loads of love and kisses to you all + Bob.

I am

Your loving Brother


P.S. Am going to write Anna after mess.


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