Somewhere in France, 6/10/1918

Somewhere in France

June 10, 1918

Dear sister Madaline:

The days and nights go by so quickly and quietly that I cannot seem to realize I am so far away and on foreign soil.  We are not very far away from the trenches and our real training has just begun.  Our training over hear is going to be very much different than what we have been getting on U.S. Soil.  As yet I haven’t heard from you or Anna in fact no mail has arrived in camp since we left the states.  You don’t realize how anxious I am to hear from you about home and when I do you can assume I will feel very much better.  Although my health and condition is the best yet I have been taking good care of myself and haven’t smoked since May 19th.

We drill about six hours each day and get three good meals a dy.  Their are certain hours when we can buy wine for 3½ francs or about seventy cents and real beer for twenty centimes or four cents per glass.  The wine is sold only by the bottle.  How is pa and every one home?  Many a time I think of home and wonder what or how you all are feeling but do not feel sure of myself as its so long since I heard and was sure that you were all feeling fine.

Must close now dear sister as drill call is about to sound and that means work.

I am. Your Brother


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