Somewhere in France, 6/15/1918

June 15th 1918

Dear sister Madaline:

After playing a sociable game of cards I thought I would write you now instead of waiting until evening as I expect to go to confession tonight and communion tomorrow.  Our american boys attend church as often as possible.  Up to now we boys have been issued everything except a few little things.  I received my gas mask, new rifle, and helmit.  If ever we must carry everything that been issued to me why I think I will look more like a decorated tree than a soldier.  As yet we boys did not receive any mail or pay but it is rumored that both pay and mail will be given out shortly.  During my off time I generally read, write letters or take walks as this country surely is beautiful.  The people here are not exactly poor but both husband and wife do farm work.

Now about the women – A La Carte.  You know the average American fellow doesn’t like anything except style and if we were to live here for years we would never find it here.  Theirfore you can see that I am interested in only one girl and that’s Priscilla.  Outside of my folks she’s the sweetest girl on earth.

Must close now dear sister with love to you all.  Will write you again tomorrow.

I am.

Your Brother.


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