Somewhere in France, 6/16/1918

Somewhere in France

June 16th 1918

Co A. U.S. Inf.105th

Dear sister Madaline:

Just after finishing a good old army dinner of boiled beef, army beans, coffee and good old french bread and butter.  A few of the boys including myself went to church this morning and received the sacraments.  Their are quite a few french orphans around this town and one in particular has been around our billets from early morning until late at nights.  I have always loved children especially Bob and Madaline and since I’ve been away I always try to be around the youngsters.  This youngster went to church this morning with me and shared in my mess for lunch.  He can speak very little English and that little I have taught him.  He can say mess and Joe and count up to ten.  I am going to try to teach him our army song “Hail Hail the gangs all here”.  I am going to look up Pete Bagnasco this afternoon as I do not think he is very far away from our billets.  The past two weeks we have been feeding on english raisins but are now feeding on our true american raisins which mean more to us.  The English soldier can feed on cheese jam bread and tea but we american boys have to have our meat, coffee, butter and bread.  The english soldier does not get as much pay as we boys do so you see we American boys have no kick coming.

Up to now I can assure you dear sister that my health and condition has been great.  Many nights my thoughts go back home and think what sorrow is being shed for the boys who left their happy homes.  Of course dear sister we boys are sacrificing our homes some good times and some boys their lives but from what I know have heard the Boche is afraid of he Yankee and will not give sammy a bayonet fight.  Our slang word for German is Jerry and from reports Jerry is down very low on his feet.  Must close now dear sister with love to you all, I am.

Your Brother


Co A 105 Inf

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