From John, Jamaica N.Y. 6/16/1918

John J. O'Farrell, Joe's Brother-in-law

Jeffry Ave, Jamaica, N.Y.

June 16, 1918

Dear brother Joe:

I suppose it will be some time before we get any mail from you but I know that you will be glad to hear from home, for when one is a distance from old New York they always like to know whether the old town is still on the map.  I don’t know whether you have heard of Fritz’s latest scheme, but he is now operating a few submarines off our coast, but like the brave man he is, he is attacking a few small unarmed craft and is taking damn good care to keep away from anything that looks like a war vessel or a transport in convoy.  Generally speaking he has made a fairly good mess of things.  My boss, Paymaster Karker, left for duty overseas the other day and before he left he fixed things so that I can follow him later if everything else is O.K.  I hope to be able to arrange matters, for I am really fond of him, as he is one of the most efficient officers in the Navy.  My old team, the Yankees are going pretty good so far this season and I am pulling for them to win the pennant.  Home Run Baker is pounding the cover off the ball and the rest of the team is following his example; the fans have nicknamed them “Murders Row” for the way the can slam that old ball.

Bill Zimmer, who formerly was quite a ball player here in town, I think you know him, was home from Camp Devens last Sunday.  He shapes up pretty good as a soldier and says he likes the life and that he has gained 20 lbs. in weight.  Doctor Hyland was around town in uniform yesterday.  He has just been made a first lieutenant in the Medical Corps and leaves in a few days for some camp.  Lieut. Fletcher, who lived down in Bergens house has also gone Over There.

I hope, Joe, that you are in good health and spirit, and that you are learning fast, so that when the proper time comes you will be able to fill any position of responsibility assigned you, for you are aware surely of our keen interest in your future.

I will close for now, dear brother, with the sincere wish that no matter what may happen you will always show the stuff you are made of and make us all feel proud of you.

With love and best wishes for all, and may God bless and protect you.  I remain, as ever.



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