Somewhere in France, 6/19/1918

Somewhere in France

June 19th 1918

Dear sister Madaline:

I really do not think this letter will be very long as I’ve written you all the news of interest in my last few letters.  Up to now we boys have not received any mail the reason I suppose is on account of the shortage of freight trains for delivery of our mail from town to town.  I know that you have written at least once a week thierfore I think I am entitled to one letter in one month for that is how long we boys are on foreign soil.  I am taking up an interesting subject which keeps me busy for a few hours during the day and a few hours at night.  Morning I go to school and for one half hour in the afternoon I get detailed to lecture on this subject which is hand grenade.  The subject although it is hard is interesting.  The weather yesterday and today has been very poor as it has done nothing but rain then stop and rain again.  Theirs no sense of us praying for rain as we drill and work rain or shine.  As yet I haven’t had the chance to write any of my friends but expect to do so soon.  Guess I will close now will write again tomorrow.

I am

Your Loving Brother


Corporal Joe Maus

105 U.S. Inf. Co A

American E.F.

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