Somewhere in France, Around 6/22/1918

Somewhere in France

105 U.S. Inf Co A.

Dear sister Madaline:

The weather at present has been very good.  I witnessed an air battle the kind you have read about which took place at and near the place in which we were billeted.  Of course the battle was at night and the only time the planes could be seen was when they came within the rays of the moon.  They surely did make quite some noise that is between anti air craft guns and machine guns.  The boys did not get excited and held themselves cool.  We moved again and we are in billets the kind Empey describes in “Over the Top”.  His descriptions of the billets is exactly what we boys are undergoing.  The place is fatuated with rats and cooties but the American is quite different than troops that have been billeted here before that is sanitary conditions.  We do not use straw for bedding nor do we allow cob webs hanging around on the walls or ceilings.  Everything is policed and kept so clean that we appreciate our little temporary home.

While on short hikes I happened to see some German prisoners and their greeting by us boys surely is great.  Their are many different kinds of uniforms in this section.  Their is one kind of troops which talk the same language as we do but with a different accent for some reason of other is not liked by an American soldier.  Their ways and actions I suppose is the main course of our dislike of them.

Must close now with love and kisses to you all, I am.

Your Brother


Am feeling fine and am in the best of condition.


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