Somewhere in France, 6/26/1918

June 26th, 1918

Dear sister Madaline:

Again another letter and no mail from you the reason I still think is that our government is rather neglectful or either on account of the freight train shortage.  A few of our regiments in our division have received their pay but as yet we boys in our regiment have not received any money although rumors have been going around that pay will be given to us before the end of this week.  My feet are in good condition in fact I am feeling so well that I think if a good meal was given me I could eat without pain.  I really cannot say that our mess is bad as I can allow for it as we are so far from home and I fully realize the hardships the U.S.A. has to undergo in order to bring rations to this country.  My chief craze is for bread.  We American troops are only allowed one pound of bread per day so you see this country is not only fighting on the field but behind the lines and that is the shortage of flour.  The French people have their bread cards but some how I can always buy enough for my meals.  I guess I have said about all that I know so I will close with love to you all.

I am

Your Brother


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