Somewhere in France, 6/27/1918

Somewhere in Fra

June 27th  1918

Dear sister Madaline:

Well here I am again even though I only wrote you yesterday evening.  Here it is June and no pay and no mail as yet.  You can’t imagine dear sister how anxious I am to receive a letter from home and find out how you are feeling.  If only I were lucky enough to receive one letter why I think I would feel one hundred percent better.  My pay doesn’t worry me half as much as one letter from you as at times I feel so homesick and feel that you all at home are downhearted and worrying.  Just remember and think that your brother is in the best of health as I can assure you.  Is pa receiving the alottment regularly if not write me and I think I can get it investigated through the military channels.  I am still continuing my school and am taking quite some interest in it in fact I take and make myself acquainted with as many different studies or schools as possible for perhaps you do not now but this war is known as a Non Commissioners War theirfore I see where studying will do me no harm and loads of good.

Their are quite a few different colored uniforms in our town and at many times our boys can be seen walking arm in arm down the street.  Guess I will close now will write again tomorrow.

I am

Your Brother


Corp Joe. Maus

105 U.S.Inf. Co A

American E.F.


June 27th 1918

Dear sister Madaline:

At last mail was given out and luckily I received five letters one from you, Anna, Priscilla and a few from a few other friends.  You can’t realize how happy I was when I received both yours and Anna’s letters.  Your letter was dated June 6th and according to what you say that you sent me six letters before this one why I haven’t received them.  They have either gone astray or lost but I feel sure they will arrive here very shortly as mail is now coming in rather fast.  I saw both Corp Stead + Jenison and both send their regards to you.  My friend Bill Wulfenden has his commission as second lieutenant but is awaiting appointment.

Must close now dear sister as I wish to get this mail out in tonights mail, I am.

Your Brother


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