Somewhere in France, 7/9/1918

July 9th, 1918

Dear sister Madaline:

Am living up to my promise of writing you as often as possible as I realize sometime I might be handicapped and not be able to write you for days perhaps weeks but while the going is good I am going to write both you and Anna every day.  I am feeling fine and have plenty of money therefore I am still enjoying myself and have great times during my leisure hours.  I always manage to buy a meal each night and before going to sleep each night my appetite is well satisfied.  The last day has brought us quiet some rain but like everything else we boys are used to it by now.  I expect to go to a movies tonight.  It surely is a long time since I last saw movies.  How are all the folks home?  I suppose Bob and Baby have gotten so tall that I suppose I would hardly no them if I saw them now.  Its almost time for retreat or call to colors so I guess I will close now with love to you all.

I am

Your Brother


Corp Jos. Maus

105 U.S. Inf Co A

American E.F.

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