Somewhere in France, 7/10/1918

Somewhere in France

Dear sister Madaline:

Just after going through a very excited night.  The Boche raided our town by air last night and did some damage.  A few of our horses were killed and it lookes as if we boys will get some steak tonight as the butchers have already started to skin the dead animals.  Honestly I was never nearer heaven in all my life.  The weather here is wonderful and being that today is rest day I guess I will do some washing and writing.  We boys are still very busy hiking and drilling six days a week.  I was speaking to Bill Wulfooder and he sends his regards and speaks about you and John quite often.

Guess I will close now will write again tomorrow, I am.

Your Brother


Corporal Joe. Maus

105 U.S.Inf Co A

American E.F.

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