Somewhere in France, 7/11/1918

Somewhere in France

July 11th, 1918

Dear sister Madaline:

I really do not know what to write about as news is very scarce and their isn’t anything of interest taking place here except our daily routine of drilling.  I am going to the movies tonight as I really do not feel just right for all day my mind was towards home.  It surely is terrible when a person feels slightly homesick.  Otherwise I feel fine and can honestly say that my condition is the best ever.  I am stationed near a large town where candies, chocolate and plenty of eatables can be bought.  This is the first good large town we have hit so far and of course during our leisure hours we boys generally spend in walking and buying a luncheon almost each evening.  The bill of fare generally consists of eggs, chips, wine, coffee, bread and lettuce salid.  So you see dear sister I am very well taken care of and can always tend to myself and stomach.  It surely is a shame for a young fellow like me to have such a large appetite my stomach somehow can never be satisfied.  Although between the meals that Uncle Sam is giving us each day and my meals which I buy on the outside I think I am getting plenty.

I guess I will close now dear sister with love and kisses to you all.

I am

Your Brother


Corp Joe Maus

105 U.S.Inf. Co A

American E.F.

PS:  Love and kisses to you all.  Tell pa that I am feeling fine.


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