Somewhere in France, 7/13/1918

Somewhere in France

July 13, 1918

Dear sister Madaline

Well here I am again although I only wrote you yesterday.  You can’t realize how happy I was when I reported back from drill and found mail awaiting me.  I surely was lucky as I received thirteen letters in all.  Three from you, one from John, three from Anna, one from Mrs. Grabow and one from Bob Paulsen and the rest from my friends.  I also received the money order you sent me which amount to five dollars.  I surely do appreciate your kindness buy sending me money but please do not send any more as I have about 600 francs, this you see amounts to about $115 in American money.  As yet I did not receive the papers and would gladly write the home paper but I doubt as if the censor would permit.  Your letters were all very interesting and I feel from what you wrote you are all feeling in the best of health.  In all your letters which dated June 10th and 16th you say you did not hear from me only that I arrived safe in France.  Well I am sure that I have written you almost every day and by now you surely ought to of received at least one letter from me.  I also received very interesting letters from Anna, John and Aunt Gertrude.

The weather in the last few days has turned from good to bad as we are bound to get rain at least every day.  Our billets are water or rain proof but some how it doesn’t seem to be rat proof as each night our small friends pay us a visit.  I can’t see why they come to us at nights as I can assure you dear sister that they can’t come for eats as we only get enough for ourselves.  Isn’t it to bad Harry Ahrens joined the Navy poor child he should go away from his ma like that.  I honestly think the Navy discipline will make a man out of Harry.  How does Fisher like the Army life.  Does it seem to agree with him.

Well I guess I have said about all I know so I will close with love to you all,  I am

Your loving brother


Corp. J. Maus

105 U.S.Inf. Co A

American E.F.

Thank you very much for the money.


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