Somewhere in France, 7/16/1918

Somewhere in France

July 16th, 1918

Dear sister Madaline:

Am just about settled as we moved again and am under canvas.  The weather have is terrible but just the same our small dog tent is holding out in great style.  I am tenting with another corporal.  He and I have been like brothers since we left the states.  I surely do take a great liking to him and only hope that him and I can stay together at all times.  Mail is coming in very regular now as I received another letter from John, Mr. Grill, Rudy Kunkel and Uncle Art.  I expect to write them all today during my spare moments.  I had my photo taken in the last town that we were stationed at.  As yet I have not received them nor do I know how they turned out but believe me I shall send one to you as soon as I do.  I have plenty of time to myself of late as we drill about six hours per day and at night we are forbidden to leave the company street.  At night I generally write letters or wash clothes.  Washing facilities are very poor here.  In order to bath a man has to wash on a cup or canteen of water.  Empey was right when he said that the billets were all cootied up.  This isn’t very pleasant to write about but just the same it might be interesting.  No matter how clean a man might keep himself he is bound to get cootied.  I received a few stars from a girlfriend from Flushing dated from May 1st to 15th but did not as yet receive the ones you sent me.  I found some real interesting news in the papers and am going to write a short letter to Mr. Gelwicks editor and lawyer for the star who is a personal friend of mine through business dealings while working in L.I. City.

Must close now dear sister with love and kisses to you all, I am

Your Brother


Corp. J. Maus

105 U.S.Inf. Co A

American E.F.

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