Somewhere in Belgium, 7/23/1918

July 23rd, 1918

Dear sister Madaline:

At last I’ve found the opportunity to write you as military engagements have kept me busy continually not only days but sometimes nights.  I surely did feel bad to think as each day would go bye that I did not write you.  It is raining and our small tent is leaking and this kinder brings on more sorrow and discontent.  Well dear sister we are still going through with our daily drill and other interesting work.  The other interesting work is doing a few days in the trenches many miles away from the front line.  Nevertheless the noise of the shells bursting far and near could be heard.  Sleep was really out of the question.  I have quite a few letters to write as I have received quite a few letters from folks and friends.  I am going to write the daily star today which I think the censor will pass on.

Have you heard anything about the advancement the allies have made recently.  Their are quite a few American troops around this section and you can’t realize how happy I am to be an American.  Our troops are the pride of the Allies and we are treated very well by both the Belgium and French people.  I am now in Belgium their language is quite different from the French.  They speak a very well English and think very well of us boys.

Guess I will close now as I am going to write Anna today, I am.

Your Brother


Corp. Jos. Maus

105 U.S. Inf. Co A

American E.F.

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