From John, Jamaica N.Y. 8/12/1918

John J. O'Farrell, Joe's brother-in-law

Jeffry Ave, Jamaica, N.Y.

12 August 1918

Dear Brother Joe:

I suppose when you get this letter you will have seen some action for according to the latest press reports the 27th Division is now at it.  We all hope and pray that nothing serious will ever occur to you, but in the moment of supreme peril think of the sacred duty you are over there to perform and I feel sure that you will measure up as a real American, the kind that Fritz is getting a taste of along the Somme.

The latest news from the front is the most encouraging we have had since the war began and I think that the superiority of American grit, daredevilness, and gameness is turning the tide; the spirit that is in the breast of an American exists no place else in the world – what our boys lack in military science is more than made up for by their grit, and the people you boys have left behind are as pleased and as proud of you as it is possible for mortal to be.

An old friend and playmate of mine, whom I had not seen for several years was killed recently on the Somme, Major James McKenna of the 165th.  His brother Bill is a captain + regimental adjutant of the same regiment, both old L.I.C boys.

Mr. Grill told me yesterday he had written you during the week but that he had not heard from you recently. I received a letter from John Wulforst a few days ago and just as I expected, he was kicking about his Army life; but you know what to expect of him, a little discipline will make a man of him.  The other brother, Al, tried to enlist in the Navy but was rejected on account of guess (?) – his good eyes.  Bill Zimmer and Ed Fisher are now “over there”, I hope that you run into them some time.

Our baseball team at the Depot defeated the Pelham Naval Team Saturday by a score of 5 to 4, some game.  Gus Sandberg played with Pelham and he is a corking good catcher.  You remember him I guess, he caught for Rochester in the International League for the past two years.  Madaline and I were pleased to hear of Lieutenant Wulfenden’s promotion and we want you to remember us to him and convey our best wishes.

If you need anything please call on me and I will endevour to get it for you.  I realize, perhaps better than anyone, what you are up against over there, but keep a stiff upper lip and think of your God and country and I feel confident that everything will right itself.  Don’t lose your nerve in a tight place for that is a most dangerous thing.

Write me when you can.  With love and kisses from Bob, Madaline, Pop & myself, I remain,



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