Somewhere in France, 8/12/1918

Somewhere in France

August 12th, 1918

Dear sister Madaline:

I haven’t written you in days on account of military movements.  I haven’t received mail in about one week the reason being I was suppose on account of the shortage of transportation.  I received my photo which I think is very poor but just the same I think it shows my condition, health and spirit.  I am still seeing France on a pair of hob nails that is to say I’ve seen france yes very much of france on a pair of feet.  Weve just finished having an inspection of our equippment and belongings.  The weather has been great in the past two weeks this of course is our greatest delight.  Did you receive my long letter in which I told you about my experiences from the time I left the states until the present day.

Guess I will close now only hoping to hear from you soon, I am.  Love and kisses to you all.

Your Brother


Corporal Jos. Maus

105 U.S. Inf. Co A.

American E.F.

A.P.O. 748

Censor’s Signature:  OK/ SBE

PS:  I received the stars which you sent me.  They dated from June 7th to 15th.   Joe

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