Somewhere in France, 8/15/1918

Dearest sister:

Today being a day of rest and nothing to do except rest around and write letters.  I am going to town this evening and expect to go to a show that is put up by some of our men in our division.  Did you receive the money order of $32 which I sent [unreadable].  Of course [unreadable] the money at this end providing you do not receive it.  I still have 100 francs to last me until pay day and I shan’t worry about being broke nor do I want you Anna or pa to think that I am so far away without money.  A soldier doesn’t need very much money over hear as their isn’t anything to get for it.  Although if a fellow should get a leave that’s the time money is needed.

It doesn’t happen that I am looking for a leave as I’m not on foreign Soil.  [unreadable] I done my [unreadable] I mean I haven’t neglected playing this game but my object is to get at least five or more dirty Huns before going away on a leave.  Although this might sound a trifle noisy but I mean it and my heart and soul is in back of everything I say.

We are going to get a Mexican Border service bar and medal and when I get back home with my service bars pinned across my breast something I will feel [unreadable] the air of new [unreadable]  received any decorations the reason is that the opportunity hasn’t arisen but they surely are scarce.  Our decorations aren’t anything like the french decoration (Creoux de La Goure) for almost every man in the French army has one pinned on his breast and it surely looks as if they were served at mess times.  Well guess I will close now dear sister with love to you all, I am.

Brother Joe

Corp J. Maus

Co A 105 US. Inf.

American E.F.

A.P.O. 748

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