Somewhere in France, 8/18/1918

Somewhere in France

August 18, 1918

Dearest sister:

Nothing special to write about except that my health and condition is best ever.  For the past three weeks the weather has been grand the kind of weather we soldier boys care for.  You understand why we boys hate bad weather not only that its disagreeable but also because it kinder hinders us in our work.  Our training is getting more interesting each day not only in a military way of speaking but also in a way that we enjoy it.  Once theirs enjoyment in work one may take more interest in his work and that’s the kinder of work we are doing now.  Of course the work is hard but not strenuous.  Did I tell you that Jenison was in the hospital not injured but ill.

You asked me in your letter to tell you more about myself this I do dear sister and the censor passes everything except articles pertaining to military movements and its works.  Now you can tell or write me anything you please as incoming mail from dear old U.S. is not censored.  I told you in my last letter that we received our pay for June and being that I have a little to much money I thought I would send home to pa 183 francs or thirty two dollars in money order form which you will find under this cover.  This alone will show you that I have since in the army learnt the value of a dollar for the prices over hear are terrible.  I am sure pa can put this money into better use that I can for the only thing I need money for is cigarettes cigars and tobacco, writing paper and envelopes candy and one in a while a glass of beer.  I have a large supply of tobacco but find sweet candies and writing material very scarce.

Guess I will close now only hoping you are all enjoying the best of health and that you receive the money OK.

I am

Your Brother


Corp. Joseph Maus

105 U.S. Inf. Co. A.

American E. F.

A.P.O. 748

Mailed August 29th on account of being in a position where I could not mail it.

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