Somewhere near Doullens, 9/14/1918

Somewhere in France

Sept 14th, 1918

Dear sister Madaline:

Received mail from both you and Anna and surely was pleased to receive same.  My mail is coming in very regular but I regret very much to see that you and Anna’s mail is delayed or held up.  We got paid yesterday and I received 106 francs but last night I got foolish and played poker and won 500 francs.  Of course dear sister it was only for past time and this past time has netted me this amount,  I know you will forgive me for this and as soon as I can get a money order I am going to send home $100 for pa.  By the way did you receive my last money order for $32?  Tonight I bought practically everything I needed 12 razor blades, 3 towels, one box of face soap 3 cakes in a box, shaving soap and cream, tooth brush, tooth paste, fruit candy, cigarettes.  and last of all but not least one good meal consisting of six eggs, mash potatoes and one bottle of Guinness stout.

I have everything now except one suit of warm underwear and I am going to put in a request to our major for underwear is too expensive for me to buy over hear.

Guess I will close now and will write again tomorrow.

I am

Your Brother


Corporal Joseph Maus

105 U. S. Inf. Co A.

American E. F.

A.P.O. 748

Love and kisses to you all.


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