Somewhere near Doullens, 9/20/1918

September 20th, 1918

Dear sister Madeline-

Am receiving mail from you and Anna regularly sometimes three times a week but am sorry to say that it was impossible for me to write you in almost one week on account of divisional movements.  Am going to ask you again did pa receive the thirty two dollar money order and the check for $150.  You see dear sister my worries are of home only but of course in order to stop home worries I’ve got to bring myself home to you all.  But still remember dear sister my chances are very good in coming back safe theirfore I have nothing to worry about except you all back home.  My thoughts are for you all back home and feel safe in saying that you are all enjoying the best of health that is according to your letters.

My health is great but I’ve got a felon on my first finger of my left hand and lose a few hours sleep each night and at times courses me much pain.  By the time this letter reaches you  I expect to have my hand back to working order.  The weather has been very poor in past days as it has done nothing but rain.  Sometime times for hours and sometimes all day.  I am sending a few post cards under separate cover.

Guess I will close for now, will write again tomorrow,

I am.

Your Brother


Corporal Joe. Maus

105 US. Inf. Co A

American E. F.

A.P.O. 748

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