From Priscilla, 11/10/1918

Kings Park, N.Y.

Nov. 10. 1918

My dearest Joe-

Well how are you?  I have been watching every mail for a letter from you.  I do wish you could drop me a few lines, so I shall be convinced that you are well and safe.  Goodness, New York just went crazy last Tuesday, when the papers announced “Germany Quits”.  Every factory and shop closed at 12 o’clock, peopled paraded for hours.  Then next day that papers contradicted it.  Isn’t it just wonderful if its really true, I am so anxious for it to end.  Aren’t you?  Joe dear, have you received my letters, and I sent you a picture of myself last week?  Only the picture makes me look so much older than twenty.  Nevertheless you will be able to see some likeness anyway.

How are you making out with French?  Can you speak any yet?  Don’t forget, I want to take lessons from you when you come home.

The “Spanish Flu” seems to be getting hold of every one in K.P. there are nearly two hundred cases it seems to be increasing rather than decreasing.  Lets hope you boys wont contract it over there.

I was going over to see your sister the other day, but didn’t get a chance to do it.  I suppose you get many letters from her.  But I bet she can’t be any more anxious to see her big brother come home that I am and I surely hope it will be soon.

Joe dear, I don’t know what else I can write you as things are very much the same as ever.  No news only excitement over the Kaiser quitting.

Although I cannot get time to write you as often as I would my thoughts are ever of you.  I am always wondering if you are well and safe.  The 27th Div. is royally praised for its good work.  Every time I see anything about the 27th or 105-6-7 Infs I always wonder what part you took in the victory.

Well Joe, I must close as I am so sleepy, please dear boy, write me when you can.  Goodnight and God bless and keep you safe.

Yours with lots and lots of love.


[Editor’s Note: This letter was “Returned To Sender” and never received by Joe.  The back of the envelope is marked with “Deceased.  Verified Casualty Section. Central Records Office”.  There is a handwritten date on the front – 4/28/19. Priscilla kept the letter as a memento of her love.]

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  1. How sad. I can’t believe she learned of Joe’s death from one cold word printed on the returned envelope.. “deceased”.

  2. Editor’s Note: The front of the envelope has a handwritten date of 4/28/19, which means it was still in the military postal system at that time. Priscilla and the family had heard of Joe’s death by early November, 1918. This returned letter would have been a poignant reminder in the mailbox 6 months later. REL

  3. Very shocking touchy. I would request the blogger to post a brief history of Priscilla and her family. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Reblogged this on ww1ha and commented:
    It was almost over.

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