Camp Merritt, New Jersey 5/5/1918


May 5, 1918

Dear Mother and Father:

This is Sunday and although Sunday is usually a quiet day this has been a fairly busy one for me. Last night I went over to the theatre and introduced myself to the musicians. Two or three of them are civilians from New York, the rest are soldiers who happen to be here. They asked me to come down and play with them while I am here so this afternoon I played for the show. It was by a company now in New York. “The Little Teacher” with some girl named Ryan as the star. It was a good show. We played between the acts as there was no music in the play. Tonight there is to be a musical comedy. I don’t know what it is. It will be rather hard to play the show without any rehearsal but that is what we have to do. The orchestra is pretty fair but rather weak on violins.

I enjoy playing again as it has been a long time since I did anything of that sort. I think the theatrical companies give these performances voluntarily for the soldiers. It is quite an opportunity to be able to hear and see all these things.

We still don’t know anything about our leaving. The company is still issuing passes so we probably will be here a few days yet. Men are continually coming in and going out. A lot of them have gone since we came and as many more have come in to take their places.

I haven’t found out definitely whether I can take my violin along or not. I have asked but haven’t been told which it will be. I must go to the “job” now as it begins at 7:20. I suppose I will be having a letter soon. So far I haven’t had any mail amongst what was forwarded from Ft. Riley.

Love from


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