Somewhere in France, 12/1/1918


December 1, 1918

Dear Mother and Father:

This is the first of December and it really feels like it. When we got up this morning we found the ground perfectly white with frost and the puddles of water were frozen hard. It is the coldest day we have had but it is only a little below freezing. We would much rather have it this way than rainy and muddy as it has been ever since the middle of August or first of September.

We haven’t a thing to do but sit around and wait for our orders to move and for transportation. In order to keep us from having too much time on our hands we are fixing up this place as though we were going to be here a long time. We have a bath house up now. That fills a long felt want. Where we were before we had a fine bath house but here there was nothing. We have a make shift one up now which is better than none.

I am still in my little dugout. When we first settled here we didn’t expect to be here for over a few days as I didn’t bother fixing my place up. But when it began to look as if we were in for a little stay here I got a little stove and fixed the place up. The Germans left dozens of little stoves around here and the railroad is lined with big hills of coal of all kinds so we are not lacking for stoves and fuel to keep us warm. I found a kerosene lamp so I can read or write letters at night so I don’t have to go to bed at six every night now.

Several of the officers passing by have been curious to know what was down in here and have looked in. They think I have about the best place in camp. It’s nice and home like and I have gotten rather attached to it.

I had a letter from Alice Atkinson this week and also from Mrs. Davis. Alice was still at Dunkirk, Belgium and was expecting to move in another day or two. Mrs. Davis was in Cedar Rapids. Mother probably has heard from her lately and knows more about her than I do. I judge that she is doing very well in Denver. I suppose I will be having some letters from home by the next mail that comes in.

We tried to have something of a celebration on Thanksgiving. The day was not cold.

Love from


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