Prum, Germany 1/3/1919


Prum, January 3, 1919

Dear Mother and Father:

A couple of days ago I sent you Uncle August’s letter saying that he was coming to see me. He arrived on scheduled time and we have been having a good visit. He doesn’t know any English and I know very little German but we have managed pretty well. He had an operation on his stomach a few weeks ago which has cured him of trouble he has had for many years. He is in good health and good spirits. He is very active and energetic and seems more like 45 than 60.

Last night we visited at the Schwarz’s and across the street with the young people, Elshorst. They are all very wealthy and pretty proud like all old well-to-do families are over here. They invited us out and were very nice but I don’t think Uncle August cared much about it. We were invited to dinner today at another house just beyond the town limits and I didn’t know until too late that I had to have a pass to get there so we couldn’t go. He seemed to be glad of it.

I am going to try to get a pass to visit him at Metternich for a day or two. Everything seems to be well with him. One son was lost in the war, the others are in business and the daughter is married. He says that things have turned out for Germany just as he foresaw them. When he wrote to Mother he had to write things that would pass the censor while he really thought very different.

The food situation hit them pretty hard and I think that had a great deal to do with his stomach trouble. He went back at two this afternoon. I wanted him to stay longer but there isn’t anything to do here and we couldn’t talk enough to fill up another day with it.

I enclose a letter which he wrote. I was very happy to have him here and hope I can get to see him again before we go home, whenever that may be.

Love from


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