Cedar Rapids, Iowa 5/17/1919

Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, May 17, 1919

Dear Mother and Father:

I am now just an ordinary citizen again. We got our discharges yesterday and I went to Des Moines last night and came down to Cedar Rapids this morning. I have been busy seeing everybody I know and I have so many invitations that I would have to stay several days if I tried to fill them all. Everyone has been fine to me and it seems good to be back among old friends again. The college Spring Festival is to be about the 24th and I wish I were going to be here to see my many friends in the Minneapolis Orchestra. Stephens is going to play a solo on one of the orchestra programs.

The town looks just the same as ever. There is hardly anything new. The YMCA has built a new building and that is about all there is. The college has been growing right along and now that so many of the boys are back there should be still more next year.

Doc Crawford is as big as ever and his two little boys have grown a lot since I left. They have a nice little house, very nicely furnished and seem as happy as can be. The Walkers are taking me to the Country Club for dinner tomorrow (Sunday) and in the evening I have supper with the Crawfords. Tonight I have supper with the Stephens. I don’t know just when I will leave here but I think it will be Monday morning some time so I will get home in the afternoon or early evening.

Cedar Rapids has been very prosperous this last year or two but now things have slumped a bit. The cereal mills are not getting the big army contracts and have shut down almost entirely for a while. Most of the soldiers from here have come back but I don’t know whether there are many of them out of work or not. There has been lost of work and lots of money here but when the mills slow down it affects everything.

I shall be so happy to get home again. I can hardly realize that I am a free man and probably won’t until I get these clothes off. I enquired all over for the shoes but they had not come so I didn’t wait. I got a new pair of shoes issued but they are rough field shoes that I don’t like to wear around to nice places.

Well, look for me home Monday afternoon or evening. That isn’t very far off but it is long enough.

Love from


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