Camp Cotton, Texas 7/6/1916

Dear Folks;

Although we have been the alarm company for the last forty eight hours, I have found a little time to write again. In my other letter I said that I was feeling fine, but it was just as I dropped the letter in the first sergeants tent that I had a little fever settle into my body, and it being so hot I felt pretty tough. It may seem strang to say that I am very glad this happened for they say that the sooner you feel the change of climate the better you will feel there after. I am feeling better now than I have felt any time on the trip and I expect to remain so.

I see by the Boston Globe, (about three days old) that you are having pretty hot weather up there, and although it is pretty hot here I guess if I was to choose between the two climates I would pick this (that is the climate in the very hot weather.) I hope you understand me when I say this. The reason for it is this. It may be 115° in the shade down here but it is so high and dry that you don’t perspire at all, and say the nights here are as cool as any day in Sept. or Oct. in Boston. Lena has experienced the condition of the head when she has gone in swimming, and it is a continual clearing out of the head and lungs, from the time you jump into salt water until you get out. Well that is the way it is here. All we did, (and it is not wholly worked of yet.) is cough, hock and spit. They say it is the best place you can find for the curing of consuption. Now I have only described the climate, and that is the only good thing I can say for this place.

There is a kind of breast works thrown up all around our front to protect us from machine gun fire if any thing should happen (by the way I see the Globe says that Mexico has come down a peg.) Well I guess they realize that they had better (You know the Dashing Eight is within 100 yard of their border) some stuff what? What I was going to say about the breast works was that it is a dry, sandy, clay, and when we form a skirmish line just behind this in double quick time it is just like diving into a flour bin. And that is the way the whole country is down through here. I don’t know whether I mentioned it in my last or not but, about five drops of rain fell yesterday, the first for over five month. The reason for this is there is a big mountain just to our west and this catches all the moisture before it gets to this desert. Then there is a sand storm once or twice a day, and when this comes up, we all grab our tent and close our eyes, for the sand is blowing so thick that you can’t see across the street of tents.

Then there are whirl winds. It was funny when the first one of these came up; there was tents, hats and every thing movable whirling around in the air. They look like a great big cloud of smoke shooting up in the air. The hardest work we do is keep clean. A few of use went down town the other night and it is some burg. We were talking with a gentleman from the State of Maine who has lived here for about three years and he said that they never hear of a heat prostration. I hate to believe him but of coarse he knows more about it than we do so I guess he is right. I am not going to try to say how your letter was received for although it may seem strang, but a word from home is a God send. But I have been pretty lucky so far, for I have receive four letters and believe me I like them.

MexicanMoneyInclosed you will find some Mexican bills. Thinking that I could do nothing better with my money than to buy some money with it I invested twenty five (25) cents for about thirty six 36 dollars worth of this junk. So you can see how the value of Mexican money compares with U.S. currency.

Well I must close now by saying that I sent a post card to both Madge and Molly but I didn’t have room for my address so if you will give it to them I would be pleased to hear from them.


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