Camp Cotton, Texas 8/5/1916

Dear Em,

This is inpection day. Every single thing we own is spread out and it has to be just so. You speak of receiving a souviner. Now I sent two, that is, two pins. I wish you would let me know what you mean by say only one souviner for I hope that both of the pins that I sent was received by you. I am feeling the same as usual, and hope all you dear folks at home are well and standing up under the Terrific weather. I see that the Red Sox are in first place. I am going to be there for the Big Series.


Dear Lena

To continue the postal that I sent Em, I wish to inform you that as far as I can make out we are to stay here for one week more and then hit for Galveston after that? This outpost work is getting to be very important, for we have to be on the alert at all times. We can never tell when the Spicks will pick one of us off, or rush one of our out gaurds, and as we non comps are in charge of these men and posts, it makes our work more important than you can imagine. (Adious)


Dear Pa,

You will see this (the three postals) is nothing but a letter addressed to the family. I suppose you got enough traveling in your vacation, and I bet you can imagine the monoteny we went through in getting away down here. Of coarse it will not be so bad going back. We were talking to an old fellow yesterday who is 101 years old. He said he came from N.E. 80 years ago and adds that this is the best country God ever made and that he wouldn’t go back to N.E. for a million. He was never sick in his life and works his ranch every day. He is going to live 50 years longer.


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