Camp Cotton, Texas 8/10/1916

Dear Em

Well you see, you never can tell any thing about what you are going to do next in the army. We were told last night while on outpost, that we were to leave in the morning. So here we are at Camp Cotton and this after noon we had one of those famous sand storms. Im hungry all the time now and we dont get enough to eat, for we are eating from what they call the field kitchen. It is a kitchen on wheels, and every thing we eat is cooked on it. There is a battalion (4 companys) to feed on this, and Im beginning to wish I was a Mess Sargeant. Outside of this, I am in the best of spirits, and am pleased to hear you are all well. I got Mary’s letter and was much pleased with it. I am glad that pa has some one to get his tonic. I wish it would rain just a little. Im going to take a bath. Wash your neck now.


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