From Em, Charlestown Mass. 8/11/1916

Dear Sam.

Your three cards were recieved today. I didn’t send any mail yesterday but it was the first day I missed. Henry was here fixing the pipe. He can only work by daylight and thats why its taking him so long. I guess he finish his job tonight. He was here this morning at a quarter of six and had breakfast with Lena and I.

These last couple of days its been real cool. Mary was up to supper last night and pa was trying to kid her. She said something about Leonard and he said, “Is he as big as I be,” and she said “I don’t know I never saw I be.” You can’t fool her. Napolean is getting his house painted. Here is no news as everything is the same.

Bert is fine and working every day and so is Pa. There was no ice cream sale up the band concert last Tues. night. The week before they made 16 Dollars so the papers said. Henry has just finish his job. Now we have our gas stove. Lena is cooking Henry’s supper on it now. This letter is all Henry this and Henry that. Well he’s a good old scout.

We have the gas stove over where the little table was and we’re giving the table to Molly. I hope you’ll be able to read this, I’m using a bum pencil. You say you have no time to write and I have lots of time to write but nothing to write about. Of course you know Charlestown is a dead place anyway.

I’m sorry I cant write any more but will as soon as I can find some news. Madge is feeling pretty good. Hoping this letter finds you well I will close

With Love from all.


P.S. Henry sends his regards.

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Camp Cotton, Texas 8/11/1916

Dear Em,

I received your letter and was very glad to hear that you got the medals and pictures. We have just come in from an awful grind, hiking 10 miles. We had 210 rounds of ammunition, round abouts, rifles, haversacks, with mess kit and every thing that belong with it, and a canteen full of water. We past a battalion of Mich troops, and all they had on was round abouts, with 100 rounds of amunition and canteen, rifles. It was the hardest hike I have ever experienced in all my time in the Militia, and I don’t think it will be the last nor any easier than we will get from now on. I told you that we dont sweat down here. Well you would think that we had all been swimming with all our cloths on. We went through sand, and it was so thick that I couldnt see one quarter of the company. You can imagine how we look, sweating so and all this dust settling on your face and hands. (All in the game) We all just flopped on reaching our tents. The day I was in town, I found that I had gained 10 pounds, but I bet I lost all that and then some this morning. Give my regards to Henry, Mary and all the rest. No I never have my washing done although I am at it all the time. I wish I could fill this postal up but I can’t think of anything.


Dear Lena,

You all say its hot up there, well beleive me, this has been the worse day for heat that I have ever seen. I suppose it is the result of what they put us throug this morning. We all were beginning to think that we were getting along fine as far as the heat and drilling was conserned, but (oh my,) you would think to see us all now that we had just got here. Now you folks may be trying to dope out why I am sending so many postals. You see I bought 25 of them the last time I was in El Paso, and all I have to do is pull one out of my pocket and jolt down a few words, address it and that is all there is to it. I should be writing a letter now but I dont like to leave the tent, and these are all I have for writing material. There is all the paper and envelopes we want at the Y.M.C.A. but I am too hot and lazy to move from where I now am. I just got a postal from Mary Higgins and she wants to know why I dont answer her letter, so you see Im not writing all I should, although it seems as though every time I get a chance I am scribbling a letter or a card to some one. I am all tanned up (so they say) and I’m in the best of health. Im following out that saying that Pa have you send me on that post card. Cut me up a couple of slices of bread.


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