Somewhere on the Border, Texas 8/12/1916

Dear Em.

Well what do you think of this for class. It is some paper that that girl friend of mine sent down, although Ive lectured to her about sending stuff away down here as much as I have to you. We are just about all played out. I sent a postal saying how much hiking, under the conditions, but that didnt end it. No sooner had I mail three postals than all us non comps were taken about three miles from camp, and hiked over the ground we are now gaurding and patrolling. We started back to camp at five oclock, ate some grub and rolled up our roll and hit for this out gaurd. I was with the captain all night patrolling around, and I didn’t get a chance to sit down once until 2 oclock this morning, and the first thing I knew we were both asleep. One of the sentrys woke us up, and off we were again. He said “Come on Sam lets get walking so we wont fall asleep. We’ll walk around just once more and see that everything is all right before we turn in.” Well I hit the ground at about four oclock and was up again a five, so you can see the loss of sleep that we have gone through in the last 24 hours. I can just write this letter and I hope I finish it before I fall asleep, for if I don’t write and get this off to you today, the Lord only knows what time you will get it.

I didn’t know just where I was laying down this morning if I had noticed this, I wouldn’t have woke up this morning (an hour after I layd down) feeling as though some one was sticking a bayonet into my back and every bone in my body acking. I was laying right on a rock with out noticing it. Im feeling fine now, but gee wouldn’t I like to have a 36 hour sleep. (Part of the game.)

There wasn’t a shot fired from our men last night which speaks very good for us. Company K is covering a distance of about 1 ½ miles which makes it very hard for the men to get any sleep. This would be all right if it only lasted for about three or four days, but where we have been doing this duty for the last month it gets pretty tiersome. Of coarse I didnt expect a picnic down here any way so what is the use of my telling all this. Ive got to dig up some thing to fill this letter up now that Ive started it.

There is one good thing about writing this letter and that is, perfect quite. Every one that is not on now are fast asleep and if I don’t make the rounds again pretty soon, I guess they will be asleep on gaurd. This is a good job when you get used to it, but we will never get used to it. The flies are after me again and it is all a man can do to keep one hand writing and brush flies off and the other to hold this paper on my knee. I hope this finds you all well for it sertainly is leaving me that way. When I get a good bath and sleep I will feel like running over into Mexico and licking the whole Mexican Army.

Tell the rest of the folks that Ill write when I get a chance, and no one wants that chance any more than I do. I guess I’ll wake up the corporal now and pound my ear for a couple of hours if the flies will let me. But I am so near asleep now that I guess Ill beat them to it.

With love,

Dear Lena,

I have had a little nap and some eats and I feel a little better. We have just had a very hard rain, which lasted about ten minute. It sure did come down for a while and now it is hotter than ever. It is funny what a little sleep and feed will do for a fellow. I received both yours and Em’s post card, and I hope that the range will lessen your work considerable. I don’t doubt but what 17 people have caved in and it is too bad. Em writes that every thing is O.K. which sounds good to me. We have about five fellows at the hospital now, and two more to go very soon I think. Em asks how the washing is. Well I dont blame her for I guess that is about all some of my letters consist of. I fell asleep three time writing the letter you have just about received and I hope you can make out what it says. The card you sent was very fitting and proper, the one about the blue bird. Tell me in your next if you can read these postals. If not I will write larger.


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