From Em, Charlestown Mass. 8/14/1916

Dear Sam.

I just got your card and also Pa’s and Lena’s. That is some song and say don’t we wish you were here now. Lena likes to bake with her new gas stove and the oven is great but you know pa and I are poor eaters. You may not have to stay much longer and then we’ll see what Lena and her gas stove will do.

I see by the papers that you had a big storm down there. Did you have a wash hung out? If you did “Good Night Shirt.” Mary was here when I was reading your cards and she feels sorry for you cause you’re so busy. She sends her love and is waiting patiently for a letter. She can play Tipperary with one finger on the piano. She has your skin a mile. I took her over to the band concert in City Point yesterday. They have great music over there. They play all popular songs.

We had two showers yesterday and I got caught in one of them. We were on the front seat of a car and got soaked. Henry was over Sunday to dinner. He is feeling fine. Pa is feeling fine. He changes his watch tomorrow going to work at 10 and getting through at 8 at night. The kids are out here playing “hide & go seek” and making more noise than a whole army. Old George is out on the steps fighting with them. Its awful hard for me to write a letter because I never have anything to write about but I try and do the best I can.

We are all well and so is every one else I know. I am glad to know you are gaining, as it is better than getting any thinner. Well I have nothing else to write about now so I’ll have to say Amen. Hoping this letter finds you well I will close

With Love from all


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Camp Cotton, Texas 8/14/1916

Dear Em,

I have given up all hope of trying to dope out when we are to leave for home. Some say that we are going home for Oct 12, some say we wont go home until the end of that month. Then some say we are going to stay here for a few weeks, go to Deming N.M. for target practice, then maneuvers after which we go home. There is another rumor that we will leave the 28th of this month. Now if you were me, wouldn’t you give up worrying and plug along the same old guy. Im going to, any way. As usual, I never felt better in my life.

After this we are only going to have inspection for Sat. and nothing at all Sun., so you see that will give up two days a week to our selves. After the storm we had Friday night Ive been busy cleaning up my property for everything I own got wet and dirty. We are to be examined by the U.S. Army today, and some of the fellows hope they wont pass. Not me. (How is everybody. Hows Pa.) Keep cool.


Dear Em

Here is another one, and that is about all I have to say. We have had pretty near the whole day to ourselves today on account of the examination this morning. Washing. Yes I washed out three pair of underwear, three of socks, two bath towels one dish towel, one hankerchief, pair of leggings, one hat, two pairs of pants and my cot. Come to think of it this is Monday at that so its was a good day for this business. I sent a postal this morning but this won’t be mailed until tonight so this will be tomorrows news. News, get it, news. Say there isn’t enough news down here to keep the Enterprise going, one month.

It was pretty warm today, but we took it easy and didnt feel it very much. Ill have to get over to see Jimmie Coyne pretty soon, but Ive forgotten just what company it is. Ill find out though by looking back through my letters. I passed good in every thing in the examination except for a little lift in my left arch. I weighed 133 so you see Ive lost all that weight that I imagined I was gaining. But I am in the pink of condition so I should worry.

We are getting better eats and more sleep than we have been getting while away on that patrol duty. I suppose you have read of the storm we had and beleive me it was some storm. It wet every thing I owned and that is why I had such a big washing today. Say the Militia is sertainly going to surprise you people when they get home and you will never know it was the same crowd that tramped thorough Boston on that memorial day we left. Great was the send off, and I suppose greater will be the return. But it wont be the greeting from the mob, but the hand shakes of our own dear friends that will please us as we were never pleased before.


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