Camp Cotton, Texas 8/16/1916

Dear Em,

Received your card and I am finding time right now to answer it. Gee we are hitting it pretty tough here now, for the rainy season has struck us. It is raining again now but not as hard as it did yesterday and Saturday night. Say when it does any thing weatherish down here it sertainly goes the limit. The storm Saturday leveled all of our tents and soaked everything we owned. Last nights storm flouded us out again but we managed to keep our cloths dry. We dug trenches around our tents so that the rain would collect in these instead of the tents. Some how the head of my cot got down in to this trench (which is about a foot deep and I felt pretty sore when I awoke in the morning. I have felt the effects of this all day, but I will get over that alright.

Some lumber came today for floors and some of the tents have them already laid. I havent. One thing about the rain here. It dosent have that dreary, cold, shivery effect that it has in N.E. I suppose it isnt the time of year for it to be so. You only have to walk about tent feet when you have got about twenty five pounds of this dope mud on your shoes. Talk about snow shoeing. We had electric lights installed today, and it makes it pretty comfortable. OH but the boys are getting sick of this hanging around just drilling, getting wet, drying out, getting sick, getting well, hearing that we are going home soon, and then hearing different. Yes this is a fine life almost. Now don’t think I am crying baby (for I picked my bed and I am going to lay in it.) I just want to tell you the true attitude of most of the boys. Today for instance after such a night, we drilled four hours in the morning. In the after noon, non comps school at one oclock, inspection of rifles (after the rain you know) at three, another non comps school, at Regimental Headq. at four, and Retreat at five. You know how mad I can get without saying anything. Well you can imagine my mood all day today. (Part of the game though) Do it and say nothing.

I am wondering right now Em if I have changed any. I hope so. We are feeding fine latly such as. Peas, frankforts, pigs feet, cabbage, roast beef, mashed potatoes, iced cocoa, (tapioca pudding) (yes but its awful to eat this and think of the kind Lena makes.) Sunday we had chicken soop, how does that sound? It sounds all right but oh get your glasses to find the rubber stuff they call chicken. But it did taste good beleive me and don’t think it didn’t. I wish I had a dish of Lena’s chicken soop now. Well what is the use of talking about eats. What we get taste very good to us and we are getting enough just now. We know we will break camp at this place soon for (someplace on the border) do you get the heading on this sheet. Some bull what?

Do you know Em there are some good things that we experience in the army, and it looks good (I know) to see them walking on parade, but they are well ofset by the hours that are spent, working, drilling, patience, attention and yes hardships that they go through. The papers may say how comfortable we are, but even for peace time, I know that war must be hell. The worste is yet to come for some of these poor fellows that are not quite as healthy as I am, but we will all give a good account of our selve and be a credit to the old Bay State and to Uncle Sam. And I can say right here, that where we are carrying 210 rounds of amunition the Michigan troops are carrying only five and they are doing no out post work at all. The Second Mass. Brigade is doing it all at Camp Cotton at least.

Well hoping this jumble of Bull finds you all well I remain

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  1. Very cool to read old letters like this, and even cooler that it still exists. Even more neat when reading it, is when you have the same name. : )


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