Somewhere on the Border, Texas 8/17/1916

Dear Lena

Just a line or two and that is all. We had another practice hike this morning but we didn’t have to carry our haversacks or extra bandaleers of amunition. We hiked about five miles, drilled, in extended order, exercise with and without rifles, and then hiked the five miles back again. It was soft work although some of the boys felt it, for we had to walk through a good deal of sand, mud, and railroad beds.

We are feeding from a field kitchen on which four companies are feeding now and we stood in line almost an hour befor we got a whack at the eats, which was corn chowder, corn starch pudding and rotten coffee. We had to attend school this afternoon, get our whole equipment changed for now, (and by the way, they are going to issue overcoats, for winter I suppose). I’m thinking of some thing, guess what it can be? I hope they think it is going to be cold in Boston very soon for I dont think we will use these coats down here until Nov. any way, and I hope we are not going to use them here.

We go on out post again tonight so dont expect a letter for two days, although I have done more writing while on out post than any where else. I will try to write and let you know how things are going. It looks like more rain tonight and if it does it is going to be tough. It is a sector we never covered before so we don’t know what we are going to run into. But rain, shine, strange land, or any thing else, we are there so why worry.

I got a card today, stating that you received that paper. What do you think of it? I think it looks like one of Mr. Hearst’s. Gee we hate to leave our camp, (which we will in about an hour) and hike away out there on that dreary border. All along the border, the two countries are separated by barb wire fences. About every hundred yards there is a monument, which we call posts. Well I have to close now, hoping that this finds you as Ive always hoped my others would. I am taking good care of my self, not altogether because I want to but because I have to, in order to be able to return in as good health as I left.

I guess I am loosing the art of writing again, for I havent answered half the letters I have received. Better days coming (Id like to know when.


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