Camp Cotton, Texas 8/21/1916

Dear Lena.

I said in my postal to Em that this would be an easy day on account of it being Sunday. Well I was wrong. I had to get a detail of ten men an dig a sink and it was some job (for the men.) It started to rain about half past three and we had to run for our tents. I wish you could see and hear the thunder and lightning here. There is a steady shower of lightning towards the earth all the time. You would think there is a battle going on when it thunders. It looks as though we are in for a night of it. But we are not on out post or gaurd duty so I should worry.

The last time we went out on out post, (Thursday) it rained like every thing until 12 mid night. I pity the poor fellows that start out to night. They say there was a wash out up in Arizona somewhere and they fear it is going to hold up our mail. That is probably why I haven’t received any today. I have some times read and heard of the rainy season in the west and south west, and now I know that it was never exagerated. There is a steady roar of thunder now, and a streak of lightning can be seen for at least ten seconds before it dissapears.

I hope this postal gets to you in condition to read and if not let me know and I will not write any more like this. The fellows wonder how in the world I do it. I am feeling fine looking fine, and acting fine so what more could be expected of me. How is the gas stove.

A slice of bread.

Dear Em.

Please excuse the pen and ink but I guess you will over look it. I sent Mary a letter today and by the way that was a good one she pulled in putting that one cent stamp on your last letter. As I told her, I never would have noticed it if she didn’t speak of it in her letter. I guess the Government is making all kinds of allowances for us in that line.

Any story about our going home is spread about the camp in very short time. Our Captain told us at Retreat tonight that we would be here until Oct. 1, anyway. We will start long hard marches soon, after which there will be a big war game. If they would only tell us when we are to move we could settle down and make the best of it but, Well – nuf ced.

I am feeling fine. That is about 90% of the battle A young fellow next to me last night had a very bad night with his stumack. Most of the fellows are troubled with this. LIFE IN THE ARMY, IS LIKE SUNDAY ON THE FARM. I Wonder How The Table Looks At Home. OH You Worlds Series, I WISH I could see it. Haircut.


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