From Em, Charlestown Mass. 8/22/1916

Dear Sam.

I got your letter and am glad to know your feeling good. It has been awful hot here this last 2 days. Last night neither Lena or pa slept any but I slept all night. It is not quite so bad tonight. Pa went to work tonight at 8 o’clock and gets home about 7 tomorrow. He was down the beach today and had a (Jewbily) jubily.

I succeeded in getting tickets for Lena and Bert for Braves field tomorrow night. They cost 50¢ but we get them free and I got 2 from some girls who couldn’t go. $1.50 saved. I will write and tell you all about it.

There is a hen and roaster over in Napolean’s yard. When the roaster crows it sounds as if some one was closing a sqweaking gate. Oh what a voice. I am glad you are getting enough to eat. Talk about chicken soup say if Napolean don’t put some lard on his roaster’s throat some of the neighbors will be having some chicken soup. By the looks of things it dosent seem as if you would be home for the 12th of Oct. but of course nobody knows. They might send you home as quick as they sent you down there, almost without any warning.

I didnt go up to the Band Consert tonight because I was kind of tired when I got home. I was hot and Lena and I sat on the steps with little Mary and watched Bert go by. We took her home about half past seven and we came home at 8. Lena has gone to bed but I will drop this in the box before I fall in.

I hope this letter finds you well and contented for a while longer anyway. I am almost asleep. Tomorrow night I will leave the house about 7 o’clock as the show starts at 8. Now I must close.

With Love from all


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Camp Cotton, Texas 8/22/1916

Dear Em.

Well just in from another hike and after drinking about a gallon of ice water I now proceed to write you a few words. It rained again last night and we had to plow through quite a lot of mud, which makes it harder work and it also makes the air very hot and damp. I am getting so I sweat very much latly, and we are all a mess of sweet from head to foot. Gee but it is hot. I am writing this postal now for I don’t know what will come up this after noon.

Where is that letter from Henry. Gee I would like to have a loaf of bread for a feed. When I first hit here I couldnt eat the bread they handed out. I have got my bread appetite back again so look out and have plenty of it when I return. Gee they get me sore when they hand me a little stinking slice of bread. I could eat a loaf of bread and some coffee or tea every meal and be satisfied. But it seems as though bread is the dearest thing they have in the army.

Today (for I have eaten my dinner since I started this postal) we had a little peice of meat, some greasy gravy, beats, potatoes, pudding, cold water, and one slice of bread. Now if they had given me a loaf of bread and a cup of coffee, they could have given the rest of the stuff to some one else, for all I cared. The pudding was supposed to be tapioca, but (oh my) I am as hungry as a dog all the time but that is a good syne in this climate anyway.

Hope you are all well.

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