Camp Cotton, Texas 9/10/1916

Dear Lena.

I am acting first sergeant this morning and I thought I would sit down to this field desk for a change and write a few lines in ink. Now I know I am not going to do very well with this pen and ink but as long as you can read it I think it will carry out its message. I got your letter of the 5th and was much releaved when I read that you had received the check, for there are fellows here that claim money has been sent them but not received. Twenty five green ones is an awful bundle of dough in this game, (and right here I want to say that I have managed to get along. We are, or ought to be paid the first of next week, and after settling up my debts Id ought to have enough to carry me through till we hit Boston. (If we do you know.)

I have started this letter and been interupted so often that I have turned my job over to one of the other serg. and told him that I would be down in my tent, but not to disturb me again even if the C.O. wanted me. It has been nothing but, Two men for this. I want three men for that. You will observe by the date that it is Sun., which is a very easy day in the army (if your not top serg.) We had breakfast at 6.30 the last named to consist of Jam Bread & Coffee. Some thing like a Sun at home what?

A long train of Ohio troops pulled in this morning, and when I say long I mean it for one of the boys counted 62 cars. Must have been about two regiments. Some of the fellows are getting letters stating that they are decorating the stores in Boston for the parade that is to follow our return. How about it? Say dont be backward in writing about any rumor or notice that you may hear or see for I like to get the strait dope.

My grand father must have been some guy in his day to have had such a resemblance as I seem to carry. I am glad you can see by the picture that Im not getting any skinnyer any way. Im afraid though that Im not getting any fatter either (although my face makes me look so. I am glad it is getting cooler up there and I hope if they do send us home that it will be soon for it is going to be another job getting aclimated at home. That’s going some isn’t it Aclimated at Home.

Your letter of the 5th reached hear the 9th so you see the service is very good from there down, now. It will go hard for the fellow that you refer to in regard to falling asleep and letting the prisoner escape. Mary’s little doily is still hanging in my tent and will till we leave and Ill take it right back there to 297 and hang it in Sam’s room. It must be funny at that to hear Mary go at it and I can imagine a lot of it.

Do you know that this is the laziest feeling region on the face of the earth I think; and Im going to admit that it is getting me. I wonder how long it will take for me to feel like work.

Well I have no more to say only that I am well. Tell Em that Kingsman is sick, not serious though. Well hoping just the same as you’re hoping I remain


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