Somewhere on the Border, Texas 9/13/1916

Dear Em

Although it is the night of the 12th I am writing this now to make sure that I send my regular daily mail. You see I never can tell what will come up the next minute and the only way to get any thing done (for yourself) in this game is to follow out that old saying “Do it now.” I got your card today on which was the picture of Kings Chapel and it took me back to the day we marched and left Boston for Framingham, for we got a great send off by the firemen in front of the City Hall and we past the old land mark you sent a picture of very soon after. But the thing that mosts interests me, the boys and I guess you also, is, How long will it be before, this tough looking (army) that you reviewed that day will pass this historic chapel which hasn’t changed in the last hundred or so years, and the (army) that you realy will not know was the same one.

If they do parade us I think it will be well worth seeing, not only for the parade but to see the change that has taken place in us after three months of military training. Now the Fifth, Ninth, and Eighth are composed of the same kind of humanity and we all come from the same old Bay State. Then we are all going to return one no better than the other and none any worse than the next. A battalion of the Ninth was on Evening Parade this evening and say it was great. We are not having hardly any of this, now but I suppose we will get it soon. The Fifth have it every evening, and beleive me it does look good. I just wish you could see one of these field ceremonies. We were out drilling to day with full field equipment and say didn’t old Sol beat down on us. Take now for instance it is eight oclock, and as nice and cool as can be. But, between about nine A.M. and four P.M. it is hot.

Let me tell you how we eat, now that we have the cook shack and mess hall ready. There are twelve tables, which are divided as follows. Each corporal takes his squad up for their eats and these eight men sit down to one table assined to them. Now there are nine squads, and that takes up nine tables. (right Roger go to the head of the class.) We sergeants have a table to our selves, the cooks have a table to themselves, and the men that happen to be on detail sit and eat by them selves. The rules are, no profane language, hats off, no spitting on the floor (I hope this is not being read at the supper table) no throwing food around, those making a mess are detailed to clean up the whole mess hall. Well we have a lot of rules, but I can’t write them all for I am getting along towards the bottom of this page and I want to write about some thing else.

We have a new cook, (out of the company of coarse) and say he is a beaut. He makes cakes, johnny bread, griddle cakes, puddings, and cold drinks to perfection. By the way he is a baker by trade in some large place in Boston. I don’t know which has the most ink on it this whole sheet of paper or my thumb and fore finger. You know I always did take a bath when I wrote with a pen, but I guess Im taking two with the same one this trip.

Tell the Hollands I send my best regards and hope they are all well, Teddy too of coarse. They had a show here the other night and it was pretty good considering. I am sending a programe so you can imagine the caste. We expect to have another one soon “Forty five minutes from Broadway.” Well we are a little more than that from Bunker Hill but in the best of spirits.


Dear Lena.

I sent a letter a day before the 12th dated the 13th and I guess you thought it made pretty good time what? Well I am feeling the same as usual and hope to return as soon as we expect to. The whole 2nd Brigade of Mass. had a hike this morning of ten miles with full field equipment and we all did fine. Only two men from our company fell out. Kingsman who is in pretty tough shape was one, and a fellow that was hurt very badly while we were doing that 15 day outpost duty was the other. It was the day after pay day too and most of the boys were down town last night and (well you know)

Tomorrow we are going to have another field inpection, and I am thinking of making up my pack tonight so that I can assist the less experienced men tomorrow. Gee but it was cold last night and hot today.

See you soon

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